Band of the week in The Guardian

So happy to be picked as the new band of the week in The Guardian! They wrote a little piece about us as well as posted 4 of our songs, 3 of which are on our upcoming record. Read and listen here. Here's a little excerpt:

A band who appear to have beamed down from an episode of the Old Grey Whistle Test circa 1975, adorned with hair and flares, nodding out to their own instrumental prowess. This is a new band for people who don’t give a Flying V guitar for new bands.
— Paul Lester at The Guardian
...the kind of rock ’n’ soul stew begging for phrases to be dusted down from the ‘70s rock-critic arsenal such as ‘in the pocket,’ ‘tight’ and ‘lick.’ And ‘stew.’
— Paul Lester at The Guardian

Willie and the Giant

Nashville, TN, USA